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Yes Lab x Field of Vision

The morning after Donald Trump’s electoral victory,¬†a website, video and social media account appeared promoting a new Trump-brand voting machine, the TRD-3000, designed by Russian-sounding¬†scientists, that would replace all other U.S. voting machines, forever.

On this project I traveled to New York City to join prankster team The Yes Men in making a documentary about the Trump/Clinton US Election and voter suppression in the United States.

It was suppose to be this very elaborate prank… But why is no one laughing?

Responsibilities on project:

  • Develop creative direction for social media launch.
  • Execute video editing of TRD-3000 commercial.
  • Work closely with Producers and Director to ensure locations and permits are secured.
  • Create assets for all social media channels.
  • Secure advertising spots for TRD promo.
  • Organize, backup and archive all content.
  • Organize production schedule with contractors and interns.
  • Ensure proper handling and confidentiality with all legal documents.
  • Develop social media rollout plan with celebrity influencers and allies.
  • Assistant camera operator when needed.





November 9, 2016