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X Movement Inc

At X Movement I served as Jr. Creative Director, leading the strategic vision, new business development, and acted as resident digital media producer. Leading and managing national cross-platform design and advertising projects, budgets, and department productivity. Key role in strategy and succession planning for department and business. Key strategic and creative lead on our X Movement Online video series. (A collection of 48 videos used to encourage movement, mindfulness and reflections in the classroom)


  • Develop creative direction for X Movement Online launch.
  • Work closely with COO and CEO to ensure marketing direction and materials are aligned.
  • Create assets for all social media channels.
  • Organize, backup and archive all content.
  • Organize production schedule with talent, freelancers, volunteers and production staff.
  • Ensure proper handling and confidentiality with all legal documents.
  • Develop digital marketing strategy for social media, corporate sponsorships promotional material.
  • Full scale video production service.
  • Create all promotional materials for all company departments. (Including this video below)


Creative Strategist


April 8, 2018