When The Storm Fades

Shane Supernova / When The Storm Fades

When The Storm Fades

Producer, production coordinator and boom operator of a narrative feature film about a Filipino family’s daily struggle to recover from 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda – the strongest storm in recorded history. In this dramatic comedy a real family of storm survivors from Tacloban (The Pablos) re-enact their own experiences of daily life during the slow recovery from the disaster.

Responsibilities :

  • Schedule with the director the shooting days.
  • Organize travel plans and accommodations for cast and crew across the Philippines.
  • Liaison with associate producers daily to ensure props, locations, translators and transportation were delivered on time.
  • Track and log all expenses in relation to the production.
  • Design and develop the films marketing materials and website.
  • Develop, edit and manage the IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign and ask video.
  • Organize, log, backup and archive all footage from the shoot.
  • Provide behind the scenes stills and footage of the production.
  • Provide sound recording duties when needed.
  • Obtain licensing rights for all news footage and audio used in locked picture.
  • Draft agreements for cast and production staff for legal purposes.





March 5, 2016