Shane Supernova / SHD.CA


In 2011, the website Shit Harper Did (SHD) mockingly reframed Harper’s policies through a number of satirical YouTube videos begging Canadians not to re-elect the Prime Minister. In 2013, SHD relaunched a community-based website, built on NationBuilder, and aired a TV commercial crowdfunded on IndieGoGo. We learned new organizing strategies and SHD embraced our online community. Humorous interventions and media tactics had complimented the long-term strategy enabling us to become a sustained and engaged political organization.

Just a group of non-elite actors mobilizing social media and online organizing software to influence Canadian politics. Using creative meetings to brainstorm ideas, which lead into creative actions. Project managing, Video production, website development and graphic design were my main focus, along with road producing. Our mission was to collaborate with change-makers to create narratives that humour, go viral and educate society.

Responsibilities include:

  • Website design & development.
  • Video production and editing online content.
  • Creative ad buys and social media planning.
  • Press release writing.
  • Investigative research.
  • Event organization.
  • Camera operator.
  • ‘Fixer’



Project Lead

Legacy Fund Hoax

Social Media

Margaret Atwood


Creative Strategist


April 5, 2011